The Good Wife Recap

24/03/2014  · The saddest, most shocking Good Wife episode ever. Please.

The Good Wife Recap: Shots Rang Out. By Carolyn Murnick. The Good Wife. Dramatics, Your Honor. Season 5 Episode 15.

27/03/2016  · A half dozen characters dropped “Yep, we’re headed for a series finale” bombshells on this week’s The Good Wife, but none landed louder than Alicia Florrick’s barely audible inhalation in the.

9 May 2016.

The Good Wife started and ended with a slap. Seven seasons ago, Alicia Florrick slapped her husband across the face in the moment she.

9 May 2016.

Alicia Florrick is left to face the future alone, no longer someone's wife – and not all that good, either.

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5×22 "A Weird Year" Aired 6 years ago – May 18, 2014 An open feed from a camera mistakenly left on after a teleconferenced deposition between the lawyers of Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner reveals a.

9 May 2016.

There has never been a show quite like The Good Wife, and there likely never will be again. As it progressed, the series became more and.

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As our MAFS Season 11 couples settle into married life, some break through while Christina and Henry break down. A recap of Episode 8.

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04/10/2015  · Alicia Florrick is back and possibly stronger than ever as we head into The Good Wife Season 7. Right now, it looks like Alicia and Louis Canning may team up.

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Candiace receives some incriminating information about Michael’s husband during the lake trip that’s supposed to be bonding the group together.