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Marketing Lead @ aXpire Group With all the hype that surrounds Bitcoin, casual observers often overlook the intriguing and revolutionary technology that underpins it: blockchain. It’s often been remarked that although cryptocurrencies have an unpredictable future, blockchain is here to stay. I belie

Satoshi Portal BIGG Digital Assets Inc. ("BIGG" or the "Company")(CSE: BIGG; OTCQB: BBKCF; WKN: A2PS9W),​ owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group ( (“BIG”), a leading developer of blockchain. N.f.l. Pulls The Plug On Its League In Europe 26 Feb 2019. The league also said

Blockchain is the technology that undergirds the cryptocurrency world, but itspotential uses extend much farther. Cryptocurrencies of all types make use of distributed ledger technology known as blockchain. Blockchains act as decentralized systems for recording and documenting transactions that take

Ignore Bitcoin for the moment: Distributed-ledger technology is most useful for assuring quality within supply chains. Here’s how to incorporate it. The basis for all business is supply and demand, but recent events have shown that supply can be more fragile than we might expect. For example, KFC’s

Performing Currency In 03/02/2020  · Ghana’s cedi, the world’s best-performing currency against the dollar this year, extended its advance on Monday as investors await a Eurobond sale that would bolster the government’s coffers. The currency of the world’s second-biggest cocoa producer has strengthened 3.9%