The createmultisig and addmultisigaddress RPCs now return an output script descriptor for the newly created address. Build System. OpenSSL is no longer used by Bitcoin Core. BIP70 support has been fully removed from Bitcoin Core.

Account( " 3edee7036b8fd9cef91de47386b191dd76db2888a553e7736bb02808932a915b " ); const multisigAcct = wallet.Account.createMultiSig(2, [ keyA.

Use the “createmultisig” RPC with two arguments, the number (n) of signatures required and a list of addresses or public keys. Because P2PKH addresses can’t be used in the multisig redeem script created by this RPC, the only addresses which can be provided are those belonging to a public key in the wallet. In this case, we provide two addresses and one public key—all of which will be.

createmultisig. createmultisig nrequired ["key",

] ( "address_type" ). Creates a multi-signature address with n signature of m keys required. It returns a json object.

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First of all, the createmultisig will not add the generated address to your wallet, it will only generate the address and the redeemScript. The addmultisigaddress was probably working for you because you generated both addresses on the same core-client and then added them with the addmultisigaddress command. However, the addmultisigaddress call will not add the multisig address to the wallet.

createmultisig. createmultisig nrequired ["key",

] createrawtransaction. createrawtransaction [{"txid":txid,"vout":n},

] {address:amount,

} Create a transaction.

Waves Smart Contracts: Create Multi Sig Account via Waves IDE tools20 May 2017.

Yes, when using the addmultisigaddress or createmultisig APIs to create a multisignature address, you can pass a list of public keys, whose.

21 Aug 2018.

createMultisig. Parameters. Array – Array of public keys in hex format; m – treshold needed for sign a valid transaction.

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Then we must create a multisig adress by executing the rpc method "createmultisig" with three pubkeys as parameters, like this: bitcoind createmultisig 2 ‘["pubkey1","pubkey2","pubkey3"]’ Then we create a transaction to put some coins to this multisig address: bitcoind.