Greater Fool Theory

30 Aug 2019.


offering to return multiple times in a short period despite poor financials is a perfect example of the greater fool theory. Assuming that one can.

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The obvious answer is that someone else will come along after it's run up and want to buy it for more than you paid, but isn't that simply Greater Fool theory?

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12. Juli 2018.

In einer weiteren Steigerung wurde daraus die „Greater Fool Theory“ hergeleitet. Diese Anlagestrategie geht davon aus, es sei klug, eine Aktie.

16 Mar 2020.


this stock is certain to be the downfall of many gullible investors, unaware they are being drawn into the trap of the "Greater Fool" theory.

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Opec Extends Oil Production Cuts An all-day conference leads to an agreement to cut production that may be too little, too late. 1 Jul 2019. OPEC and other allied major oil producers have agreed to extend crude oil production cuts for nine months, a move

19 Jun 2019.

This is known as the 'greater fool theory'. The Tech Wreck was a prime example of this, as was the collapse in the price of Bitcoin at the end of.